Quantech Solutions

Antibiotic Stewardship – Safeguarding the future use of antibiotics

Data driven change
  • Management changes to be made on-farm should be guided by knowledge of the antibiotic-use data.
  • Should change be targeted to the specific situation or via a generalised approach?
  • Benchmark with industry and similar units under the same management.
  • Need to describe and visualise the actual data.
  • Population distribution: specific or general?

Quantech can
  • Assist in building and facilitate supply chain collaboration on antibiotic stewardship
  • Work with farm, retail, advisory, veterinary partners in encouraging antibiotic stewardship.
  • Provide data science expertise on antibiotic data.
  • Share What Works in antibiotic stewardship

Quantech Solutions

Have a track record of assisting agriculture, bioscience and agritech companies in their innovations, in obtaining grant funding and linking innovation to strategy.

We have been successful in delivering industry-wide supply-chain collaborations, such as in regional health improvement, establishment of CIEL, etc.

Quantech Solutions have encouraged, developed, promoted and provided leadership for antibiotic stewardship across livestock species within CIEL and in other projects. We have experience of working with a variety of animal species, offer a commercial approach and data science expertise. Dr Sam Hoste, Quantech Solutions 07981 961062 www.quantechsolutions.co.uk

RUMA was established in November 1997 to promote the highest standards of food safety, animal health and animal welfare in the British livestock industry.

It is a unique, independent non-profit group involving organisations that represent all stages of the food chain from ‘farm to fork’. This reflects the importance of traceability, transparency and accountability at all stages in the chain: from primary food production, through processing, manufacturing and retailing to the final consumer. Its membership includes organisations representing interests in agriculture, veterinary practice, animal medicines industry, farm assurance, training, retailers, consumers and animal welfare interests. For more information visit: https://www.ruma.org.uk