As part of the workshop on October 4th you are invited to submit a short synopsis of projects you are involved in that drive progress on antibiotic stewardship in your field. These submissions can take form of oral or poster presentations. You may submit both an oral and poster presentation about your work.

A selection of oral entries will be asked to present their work as part of the event programme. The decision on who presents their abstract will be made by the organisers, and affiliated supporters, in advance of the event.

Poster entries will be displayed in an exhibition as part of the event, with those demonstrating innovation in this field being highlighted as part of the event. Poster presentations must be printed and delivered to the venue by the submitting organisation, and be either A2 or A1 in size.

To submit an entry please use the link below to complete the entry form, providing a short synopsis on the project and why it should be considered.

Clicking the link will open the form in a new window